Tips for Passing any Examination/test

Tips for Passing any Examination/test

Passing an examination for some students requires a great work. in these article I will like to point out tips for acing any examination.

To pass an Exam a student needs to have been reading and studying long before the exam period. Some students don’t open their book until the exam period and these affect them greatly.

If you must pass any Exam, then you should start studying right from the first day in school, these will make your study easier and not so stressful. If you try to understand all the things you are taught in school as much as you can, then when exam comes you will only need to revise.

1. Deciding a Safe and quiet place for studying:  you need to decide where to study so as not be disturbed or bothered by anyone. I understand that some students like listening to music while studying and it works for them, you know what works best for you, if quiet place is not your idea place for studying, then stick to what makes you happy.

You can also read with friends/group reading can be fun and it helps you understand your weak points. I personally like reading with people, but if you don’t  fancy the idea, then stick your fancy.

2. Don’t just cram to pass an exam: unless you want to fail an exam you don’t have to cram try as much as you can to read to understand, these will do you good.

      3.  Study very well:  Borrow textbooks if you don’t have one, read to understand. I suggest you study with any available materials even an online course as long as it’s goes with the exam. Just study as much as you can. Test yourself and check if the answer is correct most textbooks have the correct answers at the back of the book if yours don’t then take the test and aksk your teacher to mark them for you most teachers will be glad to help.

      4. Relax: you don’t need to panic when an exam is drawing near, be calm and be confident in yourself, you have been to classes, and you have read/study so why the fear? Just relax and you will do better.

      5. Follow Rules: every examination has rules and regulation, so read and follow the rules according so you won’t get into trouble with your school authority. All your studying will be a waste if you are caught disobeying the rules.

Now if you can follow the instructions, then I see no reason why you cannot ace this exam. Believe me, all you need is believe in yourself.

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